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Natural power of nature

Source of vitality, activity and longevity

Difficult ecological situation, negative technogenic impact and chemical pollution of the environment lead to the deterioration of the living conditions of modern human. Hydroplasma is  a unique and innovative product of complex effects. It helps to restore health and excellent well-being while protecting yourself from any negative impact.

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Inyushin hydroplasma

Inyushin pyramid VNAZ-8

Concetrate of live, natural water

Vacuum neutralizer of anomalous zones

Price 21,30 $

Price 60,14 $

Biophysical antientropic balm

Inyushin balm

Biophysical antientropic balm

Price 28,40 $

What is a hydroplasma?

The composition of the hydroplasma does not include any chemical components, it is a biologically active concentrate designed to dilute drinking water. Unique in its molecular composition, hydroplasma is completely dissolved in water and makes it as useful as possible, ensuring the activation of the internal forces of the body of each person.

Home-produced biogenic water helps detoxify the body and cleanse tissues and internal organs, eliminate toxins and carcinogens. Thanks to the regular intake of an innovative product, the body starts the processes of self-healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level, which does not stop for a long time.

Amazing and stable effect with the first drop: hydroplasma dosage

One drop of hydroplasma can change the biogenic structure of ordinary drinking water and this is enough to update the structure of a liter of liquid that can be taken by children and adults.

Adults: 1 drop of hydroplasma per 1 liter of water. Take 400-600 ml (2-3 glasses) during the day until 19-00

Children: 1 drop of hydroplasma per 1 liter of water. Take 200-400 ml (1-2 glasses) during the day until 19-00

The complex effect is ensured by the complete dissolution of hydroplasma in water and penetration into all cells and organs of a person, thanks to the natural blood flow process. Changes occur at the DNA level, so that a person looks younger and becomes more active, his nervous system stabilizes and a full recovery of energy reserves is observed.


The company "Source of Health" offers a quality and certified product, which was the result of a long work of a team of physicists, under the guidance of Professor S.M. Inyushin. The patented hydroplasma is a product of 20 years of research and it is recognized by the world community, in confirmation of which the professor was awarded the US science prize in 2001.


Guarantee of quality of the proposed product: certification and patent availability

The existence of certificates confirming the quality and patents guarantees the achievement of the expected effect with regular use of hydroplasma. Our product has passed all the necessary research and testing in the laboratories of Kazakhstan and Russia, advanced research centers in Germany and Israel.


Certified hydroplasma of Inyushin received a certificate of state registration as an innovative product and was entered into the appropriate register. The corresponding patent documentation fully confirms the permission for its production and sale by our company.


An innovative health product has been recommended by the Kazakhstan Academy of Nutrition, which confirms its absolute safety. The health benefits have been carefully studied and confirmed at the scientific level by the modern Laboratory of balneology of the scientific research institute in Russia.

Innovative certificate of conformity Inyushin hydroplasma.

Company "Source of Health":

Our goals in the market and business aspiration.

The  company's mission is to preserve and improve the health, the extension and quality of life of people around the world.

In the conditions of constant globalization of the market, the development of complex sales schemes with many intermediaries, our company "Source of Health" was created by a team of enthusiasts. We work to ensure that each person has access to a useful and innovative product, offering certified Inyushin hydroplasma at an affordable price.

At the head of the company are experienced professionals, for whom the business is in second place after human health, and the health of people is more important than profit. That is why for the production of the entire product line, modern equipment is used with mandatory quality control and affordable prices are set.

We exclude intermediaries from the sales scheme and cooperate directly with the manufacturer, which guarantees product quality and affordable price. Our company offers fair and transparent partnership conditions for all who seek to improve the health of people all over the world and the organization of their business.

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Convenient format of purchase of Inyushin hydroplasma. Using our services, you can quickly and without leaving your home purchase a hydroplasma and the entire line of products offered, using the following advantages:


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Inyushin pyramid:

Vacuum neutralizer of anomalous zone VNAZ-8

Inyushin pyramid. Vacuum neutralizer of anomalous zones

The human environment is full of negative factors and abnormal zones that have a detrimental effect on the body’s energy balance. The unique neutralizer "Pyramid Inyushin" is the latest development of Kazakhstan's biophysicists, whose action is aimed at neutralizing such an impact and restoring the balance of energy.

The effectiveness of the device studied by domestic scientists and representatives of the scientific community of Slovakia and the United States, confirmed by numerous experiments. Universal neutralizer can be used in the car and other vehicles, on the desktop and next to a home computer or other digital technology.

For efficient operation of the Pyramid of Inyushin, it is not necessary to create special conditions, the working temperature is kept from -45 ° C to + 55 ° C. The range of the neutralizer is set within 2.5 meters, where 100% protection of the person from the effects of abnormal areas, vision and the work of all internal systems of the body is ensured.


About the author and development of unique inventions

Inyushin Viktor Mikhailovich

Unique technology

Inyushin Victor Mihalovich

Professor of Biophysics, Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi.

Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Academician of the Laser Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

During his work, a professor of biophysics made a number of discoveries, which received 150 copyright certificates and patents. The value of the research and scientific work is confirmed by obtaining certificates in such countries as the USA and Canada, Germany and Australia, Japan and Slovakia, participation in international exhibitions (India and China, Algeria and Poland).

In his work, Viktor Mikhailovich uses the knowledge and skills of related applied sciences, leads a new search for effective technologies of healing the human body. The development of bioplasms and geoplasms allowed him to make an invaluable contribution to the monitoring of the ecological environment and the results of his activities do not have world analogues, which is confirmed by unique patents and certificates.

The scientific activity of Viktor Mikhailovich is multifaceted, his new searches are always based on the achievements of related, classical and applied sciences. The theoretical substantiation of the interaction of bioplasm-geo plasma is the basis for the creation and development of fundamentally new methods for monitoring the ecological environment and methods for registering earthquake precursors. Such developments have no analogues in the world, the main provisions of this development and concept are protected by patents.

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